Inspirational and Innovative Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, the process should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint. All puns intended. Weight loss is imperative to your health. Of course, we are all guilty of carrying a few extra pounds. That’s part and parcel of being human. But, if you are keen on losing weight for […]

TFT VS. EFT In Chiang Mai Thailand: Which One Is Best For You?

Human beings are very vulnerable and are a lot different from each other due to different beliefs, cultures, education and for other geopolitical reasons. Each person is generally self obsessed with their own concept of uniqueness and the reality around them. Individuals have their own unique ways of interacting, dealing with and most importantly, overcoming […]

What Makes Innovo Constructions A Lucrative Company For Pharmacy Equipments?

There are three things that are essential for any pharmacy equipment; speed, safety and accuracy. Along with that, if the pharmacy is going to have an all round working module where it has to handle more than 1000’s of prescriptions per day, or if it works 24X7 round the clock, then a perfected company like […]

Top 5 Workouts of 2014

Are you sick of Dance Classes? Have you gone to enough yoga classes to last a lifetime? Are you tired of the same monotonous programs offered at corporate fitness facilities? If you answered yes, then you’re not alone. Recent surveys done by top fitness professional across the country released the top 5 fitness programs of […]