Global Medical Supplies Industry

The medical industry is extremely profitable but very competitive. There is an array of niches that can be filled when it comes to manufacturing medical products for consumer and professional application. Entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in medical devices need to consider all aspects of such business operations. First, patents must be submitted in […]

Effects and Benefits of Vitamins E and D

Nature can provide us with 13 essential vitamins our body needs on a regular basis in order to function properly, grow, develop and allow us to perform on a top level. Among them, vitamins of incredible importance for our health and daily life are vitamins D and E, which are a fat-soluble vitamins you can […]

Electronic Data Capture Software and Efficient Information Management in Healthcare

The province of Quebec welcomes about 5000 new talented graduates from science programs each year and many of them choose to work on healthcare research projects. A lot of major breakthrough in Alzheimer and stem cell research were made in Quebec by some of these dedicated researchers. These discoveries weren’t made in a day and […]