Can You Hear Better Out of One Ear?

Chances are you rely on one hand to write, throw a ball and perform other manual tasks. Did you know that 90%of people are right-handed, and only about 1% are ambidextrous, meaning they’re able use either hand to the same degree?People use different hands for different tasks. Believe it or not, the same is true […]

Benefits of Meditation on Your Mind – Learning the Secret of Meditation

People often think that meditation means relaxing but the actual fact is that meditation is something more than just relaxing. Over the last few years, meditation has gradually become a legitimate health craze as research has linked meditation with enhanced cardiovascular heath to various other cognitive benefits. In fact, science has even studied that mindful […]

HGH for Hair Growth Promotion

Hair loss is something very much bothering for men. You may not feel the seriousness of the issue when you just read it in words, but hair loss can be very intimidating for men. Even women are not just conscious about their looks and weight as men are for their hair. Hair loss problem is […]

Idol Lash

The demand for better looking lashes has resulted in a wide variety of products that are promoted for improving your eyelashes. Although having choices is great, the number of enhancer products on the market can also make it more difficult to make a decision, especially since each claim to offer the best results. Among the […]

Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression can be as Easy as Going For a Massage

Quite a few studies have been performed over the years to determine the effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. The results of most of these studies have shown that massage therapy is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological method to reduce the symptoms of these disorders. Since nearly every conventional treatment for these conditions […]

How Physiotherapy Showed Me How To Look After My Body

Today was a big step in my life as I have finally signed off from my physiotherapist from whom I’d being seeking treatment for almost 9 months. As much as I appreciate all of his help I’m glad to be not seeing them as much as I do my wife. It all starts with the […]

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