Saving Face: 5 Ways to Ward Off Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Keeping clear skin is of the utmost priority to many women. Yet, with so many different treatment options and dermatologists giving contradicting advice, it’s difficult to know what actually works, and more importantly, what will work for you. The truth is there isn’t a one and only cure that a late night infomercial is preaching. […]

Fight Wrinkles and The Signs of Ageing in Just 30 Minutes

Though you don’t want to accept it, at some point, the fullness and tightness of your skin will wither away. That’s because as you age, your face deflates like the air coming out of a balloon, making you look older and tired. Rather than dwell on it, it’s possible to fight back against Mother Nature. […]

Eye cream for wrinkles review: does Eyelasticity work?

My appearance doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the wheel of time lately as I found out that the wrinkles under my eyes kept coming back day after day. Having tried several creams to reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet I decided to stop trying and do some research to find out if […]

The Benefits of Collagen & Elastin for Your Skin

  When it comes to our skin we often underestimate just how important collagen and elastin can be. In fact, our skin consist of about 70% collagen (seriously), while elastin acts as a natural companion to said collagen proteins. With that in mind, you can only imagine how essential these two components are, and why […]

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Detoxing

In the past few years, detoxing diets have become a very debated subject. Some specialists say that if done well they are good for our bodies while others claim the opposite. They argue that the role of our kidneys, colon and liver is to detox the body. Therefore, we don’t need any diet for this. […]

Some Facts And Myths You May Not Have Known About Botox

Everybody’s heard of Botox and many of us have either used it, or are thinking about it. Indeed, it is a widely socially accepted form of cosmetic treatment. Yet, it is also one of the most misunderstood ones. Learning the Truth about Botox Botox seems to promise to turn back the clock and make you […]

Things You Need to Know about Botox Treatments

Are you showing some of the awful signs of aging, like crow’s feet and wrinkles? Do you have lines between your eyebrows or on your forehead? While these are natural parts of aging, and while we know we should age gracefully, there is nothing wrong with trying to stop this as well. Indeed, how about […]

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