Health Benefits Of E-Cigarettes

Benefits Of E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are gadgets that look like normal cigarettes but don’t contain tobacco. They work on a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine which turns into vapor that smokers inhale and exhale. Some users of the e-cigarettes claim that nicotine vapor has numerous advantages over traditional cigarette smoke. Most users of e-cigarettes say that they always feel better using the devices than when they did when they used to smoke tobacco cigarettes. They also say that because it is reusable it offers them economy compared to normal tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes offer an alternative to traditional cigarettes because of the benefits that associated with it. Some of the benefits that come with them are that they don’t have odor that is characteristic of traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes have a strong smell that has a tendency of clinging to clothing owing to its chemical composition like tar. E-cigarettes don’t smell because with them you don’t exhale smoke but instead exhale a vapor that evaporates almost immediately. It is for this reason the e-cigarettes don’t smell like the traditional cigarettes do. E –cigarettes are said to have a mild smell that smells like cotton candy or pop tarts. E-cigarettes are considered to be a cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes as they currently don’t invite any taxes like traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes may also aid in smoking cessation and may also be more effective than traditional pharmacotherapy. This is so because the physical stimuli of holding and puffing on the electronic cigarette could be better at improving short term craving. E –cigarettes are also thought to be the best alternative for smokers who are unwilling to quit tobacco smoking or unwilling to quit smoking even with medical advice or pharmaceutical methods. People unable to quit tobacco smoking are often advised to try taking other substances containing nicotine like e-cigarettes. The British medical association says that e-cigarettes indeed can offer smoking cessation. They are also considered to be less risky than the use of tobacco to aid in smoking cessation. E –cigarettes also offer less nicotine than smoking thereby reducing the effects that may come with a nicotine overdose.

A study by a French monitoring center for drugs and drug addiction found that one percent of the total French population who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking succeeded in their quest to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes also have fewer toxic effects than traditional cigarettes and proven evidence suggests that they are safer than real cigarettes and by far the best nicotine replacement products. Even the American center for disease control and prevention (CDC) believes that smoking electronic cigarettes is less harmful than smoking a pack of conventional cigarettes. A major concern however for these gadgets is the lack of regulation for the many different brands that is available in the market. There should be a regulatory oversight over the manufacturing process, marketing and also quality control for these gadgets to ensure the safety of users. These are some of the concerns about these products that should be addressed now.

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