Four Ways to Grow Your Business Using Facebook

Armed with your online MBA degree, you may be all ready to set out along the pathway of starting your own online business. Today, digital marketing is key to running a successful online brand, and one of the biggest ways to get the word out about the products and services that you offer is to use social media marketing. Facebook is a social media site used by millions of people across the globe, and a sure-fire method of finding all, or at least most of your target audience all in the same place. We’ve put together some top tips on using social media to grow your business.

Tip #1. Engage with Customers:

While studying for your AACSB online MBA from Northeastern University, you probably learned the importance of customer engagement if you took marketing as a module. Today, it’s simply not enough to provide your target audience with information about how your products and services work; the whole customer experience is taken into account when a decision to purchase is made. Use Facebook to your advantage by showing that you care about your customers; this can be done via replying to them in comments or even engaging in private messaging conversations when needed.


Tip #2. Turn on Reviews:

With an increasing number of customers now using social media to find new brands and browse their options, turning on Facebook reviews can have a very positive impact on your company. Whenever a customer has a good experience with your brand, encouraging them to leave a review on your Facebook page will enable other prospective customers to see exactly what their peers think when they land on your profile. Along with that, Facebook reviews and star ratings often come up in SERPs, which can help to generate better click-through. Even if you get a bad review, don’t worry too much as this can be a great opportunity to engage with your customer and learn from it for next time.


Tip #3. Take Advantage of Live Video:

Thanks to Facebook live, anybody can now share real-time video updates straight onto their social media profile. For your business profile, this can be a hugely useful tool, since it allows you to share things with your followers that may have otherwise been unavailable, and gives you just another way of standing out from the crowd. For example, you could Facebook live a company event, the release of a new product, or even a day in the office to share with customers and let them know what goes on behind the scenes in real time.


Tip #4. Get to Know Your Audience:

Businesses that have a Facebook profile will also have access to Facebook Insights, a hugely valuable tool that lets you know information such as who is looking at your page, when they are looking at it, and how long for. You can also see which types of content are the most popular with your followers. This treasure trove of information can really help you to get to know your followers and provide them with the type of content and service that they want the most.


If these tips were helpful, we’d love your feedback!