The Hidden Health Benefits of Housework

Did you know carrying the shopping for nine minutes is the equivalent of running a 400m race? Perhaps you might like to know that gardening for roughly 45 minutes is as tiring as a steeplechase over 3000m. It may also interest you that cleaning windows at home for five minutes is as taxing as swimming 100m. Great insights, so how do we know all of this..?

The team at has introduced a visual guide to help bring to light some of the everyday chores we do around the home that are surprisingly useful for engaging key muscle groups and burning off calories, which was inspired by the housework chores we love (and hate!)

We expect you’ll be familiar with the majority of the routines illustrated in the chart, although you may be pleased to know the hard work you are doing is actually paying off when it comes to hitting an exercise quota. The chart compares the activities to official athletic events and explains how long you must perform each one in order to burn off an equal number of calories.

With the World Athletics Championships having just taken place in London, this feels like the right time to spread a motivational message to make the most of home chores and feel the hidden health benefits!

It’s vital that people look after themselves as and when they can and continuing with housework is just one simple way of making sure that you’re staying active and giving your body a mini-workout without the fancy accessories or expensive gym membership.

Let’s take a look at the information on’s housework calorie chart in closer detail.

Running a 400m race is the equivalent of carrying shopping for 9 minutes

A 3000m steeplechase is the equivalent of gardening for 44 minutes

Sprinting 100m is the equivalent of hoovering for 2 minutes

Each of the activities engage the core, arms, legs and back therefore making the entire body feel the burn. The movements the joints and limbs make are similar to those high intensity athletic events which is why there’s so many calories primed for shedding. Other activities at home with healthy benefits include:

Swimming 100m is the equivalent of cleaning windows for roughly 5 minutes

Performing the triple jump is the equivalent of 3.5 minutes of clearing the gutter

110m hurdles is the equivalent of washing the car for two minutes

Throwing the javelin is the equivalent of 9 minutes spent ironing clothes

You can view the full list of activities and read more about the benefits of exercise on healthy living here:

Doctors recommend that we perform roughly 30 minutes of physical activity each day in order to keep our health in check and help fight off long-term lifestyle problems. It’s not always convenient to clock up those 30 minutes especially if you have little downtime or face commitments at work or elsewhere.

For expert advice on staying fit and healthy, always start by consulting your doctor or physician.