Three Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners

Knowing where to start when you’re devising your digital marketing plan is challenging. Every business owner is now aware of the essential nature of digital marketing, but they fail to plan a workable strategy that will achieve the intended results. An ineffective campaign is as worthless as a plan that doesn’t exist. There are many varieties of digital marketing to choose from, and knowing which one will work best for your company will be essential in defining your intended strategy. The problem is that each method comes with its own set of rules and criteria to follow, making this a task that can often be very difficult for those inexperienced with the basics. If you are in the planning stages of your newest digital marketing campaign, then here are three areas to consider.

1. The Bare Minimum

If you don’t have an online presence in the digital age, then your business is going to be very limited indeed! For those businesses that don’t yet have a website, then the fact is that you are going to be invisible to the vast majority of the world. Many enterprises that don’t yet have even a basic website cite the expense as the main reason for that lack, but the truth is that having a website needn’t be an expensive option to consider. While you can pay to have an expensive platform built for you, with a thousand bells and whistles that you’ll never use, you could also make use of a dedicated website building platform that makes it incredibly easy. Having a dedicated website in the digital age is the absolute barest minimum.


2. The Retention Goal

There are two main goals for the smart digital marketer: retention and optimization. The marketing team has always been tasked with attracting customers to your enterprise and keeping them involved enough with the brand to commit to a purchase. Retaining those customers is the key to your digital marketing success, and should be part of a planned strategy that involves content, the use of analytics, and link-building. These can be challenging for those with a small team, which is why it’s often worth outsourcing your digital marketing to a company that specializes in enterprise SEO. Not only can this improve your current marketing strategy, but it can also help to clean up your existing online footprint, which very often is holding a business back.


3. Social Media Still Matters

If a website is the bare minimum, then a social media presence isn’t far behind. If you’re not making use of social media to spread awareness and share your content, then you’re missing out on a phenomenal tool for any enterprise. With the ability to allow even the smallest of businesses to compete on a level playing field with mega-corporations, failing to learn the basics of social media marketing could be the defining factor that is keeping you from growing. Always consider your choice of social media platform. For example, if your business produces a very visual product, then you may be better off using Instagram than Twitter. You should also consider the platforms that your customers are most likely to be using, as there’s little point targeting your marketing strategy on LinkedIn if your customer base is mostly on Facebook.

Social media

If you want your enterprise to continue growth, then you need to be much more digitally aware. As technology continues to drive how digital marketing functions, getting up to date with the basics is the key to learning the essential skills needed to drive your enterprise into the future.